Are you thinking about getting married?

A church wedding is open to everyone in England.

This is no doubt a joyous and exciting time and we always try to be as helpful as we can so here are the frequently asked questions and their answers.


Does it have to cost a fortune?

No it doesn't. A church wedding is often cheaper than alternative secular venues.


Who is eligible?

We gladly marry all people we legally can. You can marry here if one or both of you can say yes to any of these:

- I live in the Parish of Henbury.

- I am on the church electoral roll.

- I was baptized or prepared for confirmation within the parish.

- I have lived in the parish for at least six months in the past.

- I have been a regular church attender within the parish for at least 6 months in the past

- One of my parents has lived for at least six months in the parish in my lifetime.

- One of my parents attended church within the parish for at least six months in my lifetime.

- My parents or grandparents were married in the parish.


If none of these apply then it is still possible to apply for an Archbishop's Special License. These are issued to those who have a genuine connection with a particular church or chapel.


Marriage is God's gift, available to everyone, whatever our background or belief. It is the lifelong committment of one man and one women to each other. The church welcomes the opportunity for you to make your solemn and joyful promises to each other not just in front of your family and friends, but also in God's sight and with his blessing. 



Music for Weddings

One of the most rewarding roles I have is to provide the music for weddings at St Mary’s.  I like couples to choose exactly what music they want, whether it is traditional, classical, popular, modern, film music or whatever.  I enjoy playing traditional and modern music and can play the great classics on the organ as well as informal music on the piano.  Nothing is too difficult or too unusual - it is their day, so wedding couples may select whatever music they want! 


I encourage wedding couples to have the choir at their wedding:  the main advantage of having the choir is that they provide a real boost to the hymn singing during the service.  Many people are not used to singing and the hymns can fall rather flat with just a handful of people joining in, so the choir can be a great help in ensuring that the hymns go down well, encouraging others in the congregation to join in making the occasion most joyful. 


There are around ten people in the choir who are usually available to sing at a wedding.  Couples may request music for the choir to sing (popular, classical or traditional - they are versatile!) or they can sing suitable music from their extensive repertoire during the signing of the register. 


My aim is to make the occasion as happy and joyful as possible and to help the guests relax as they enter the church by playing jolly and familiar music on the wonderful pipe organ.

James Baker, Organist and Director of Music 

(music can be arranged with James via the office).



We are located at:

Church Close, Henbury, Bristol, BS10 7QF


Office in Vestry Hall open from 9am-1pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Contact us today

If you have any queries  please contact us:


Tel: 0117 959 3757 


Safeguarding supports everything that we do

  •  Do you have a question about something that you have seen/heard/feel about something? Then talk to Alan.

  • He can offer support and guidance as part of the recruitment process for volunteer roles in the church (including DBS checks).

  • Are you concerned about someone or yourself? Alan can direct and support you.

If you have a concern that you wish to report, please contact whichever of the following you feel is most appropriate.

Alan Emond, Parish Safeguarding Officer

07773 141838

Police 999

Bristol City Council, Social Services: adult 0117 9222700, children 0117 9036444



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